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Medication management at your fingertips

Ultimate quality and total precision make FAMA the leading storage systems for pharmacies.

Maximise your storage space, improve stock management and optimise productivity.

The range of drawer and shelving options is highly flexible and modular with design details catering to the unique storage requirements of the pharmacy environment.

The right elements for every work area

FAMA sloping trays

Stock is piled from the front and when required, trays easily slide out for refilling from the back. Adjustable dividers keep stock organised and enable fast and accurate product selection

FAMA flat trays

Dividers and sub-dividers separate stock and drawers and can be positioned at any height within the metal frames, making them ideal for both small and bulky package storage.

FAMA flat shelves

Integrated either at the base of FAMA fast mover units, below or above a work bench, they are ideal for storing bulky items, excess stock or folders and reference books – customised to suit the individual needs of each work area.

FAMA round shelf

The round shelf systems provide a unique storage option for key high volume items and are ideal for a work area with multiple users requiring quick and easy access to these key products. Adjustable dividers and label holders ensure stock is organised and product replenishment and selection made simple and accurate.

FAMA drawers

Available in full height or under bench options and a variety of configurations the FAMA drawers provide storage for standard medicine packages and bottles, as well as consumables, DAA, scripts on file and miscellaneous items.

FAMA drawers

Single height or double height drawers depth adds further flexibility in storage options. FAMA drawers systems ensure products are hygienically stored free from dust, whilst the divider and labelling accessories keep everything clearly sorted.

Flexibility with FAMA Shelving Systems

The FAMA shelving system is a high quality, durable product, offering a great long-term investment. All components including frames, flat shelves, drawers, trays and dividers are made of high quality powder coated steel guaranteeing longevity.

Forget what you know about ordinary drawers

The FAMA drawers are Europe’s leading pharmacy drawer system. No other drawer system offers the compact storage, high capacity and perfect organisation that the patented technology of the FAMA drawers delivers.

Why partner with Willach?

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany

Willach Australia

Stringent quality control

135 year old family business

Willach Australia

Proven experience in Australia and New Zealand, with over 1,000 projects successfully completed

Willach Australia

Customised end to end solutions for your dispensary

We would love to show you what FAMA can do for your Pharmacy

With over 15 years of experience in Australia and New Zealand, Willach Australia has partnered with over 1,000 pharmacies to improve efficiency, in turn delivering an improved bottom-line, as well as supporting top-line revenue growth.